Video Interviewing

Posted on 23 March 2022

Now that video interviewing has become part and parcel of a modern hiring day process it is important you prepare of it as thoroughly as a face to face one.


There are numerous video conferencing systems and each one varies in operation, so to ensure all goes smoothly ensure you have access to it and download the software to your computer or phone. Although using your phone for a video interview should never be your first choice it is good to have a backup option.

Next it is important that you test it comprehensively. Using a webcam on your laptop if you can, as this will free up your hands to communicate more naturally and avoid any handheld issues or the phone sliding. Ensure the camera is positioned correctly so you posture is a professional as it would be in a face to face environment, i.e. your shoulders should be in view and equally you do not want to be sat too far away.

Most systems allow you to test your sound as you join the call, additionally your computer will enable you to do this under “sound settings”.

Finally, ensure you have a full battery and charger to hand, you never know how long the call may last.


As with all interviews you want a suitable environment to conduct your interview, somewhere quiet, away from disruptions and background noise. Additionally, for video calls it is important to consider what is behind you, you can blur the background or use other images, however this is not advised as it can be distracting and in some cases unprofessional.

Generally, you want to limit what can go wrong, avoid public spaces, consider sunlight and where it might be in middle of your interview, a simple plain wall in a well lit room is perfect.

You can have notes with you like you would for any interview, but don’t be tempted to have web pages open that you can jump to if needed, this can be obvious to the interviewer. As always, ensure your phone is on silent and have a glass of water to hand.

It is important you dress appropriately, not just for your appearance but also for your mental preparation. Avoid the temptation to dress just for the camera, i.e. just your top half, you never know if you might be disturbed and have to stand up. With many businesses now adopting more relaxed attire, check beforehand what the dress code is at the company.

The interview

To avoid any last minute stress before the interview, log into the waiting room early, just like you would arrive at an interview early. This will allow to ensure you are comfortable and ready for the interview; have had time to test your sound, checked your position and have given yourself the best chance of success.

Body language and communication can be difficult with video interviews and as we have become more accustomed to video conferencing many of us have picked up bad habits. Eye contact is important and we tend to get distracted by looking at the other person’s face, or our own, on the screen. To help with this, where possible, move the video picture as close to the camera as you can, some people also find it helpful to make the picture smaller and so less distracting.

When talking look directly at the camera on your device, that way it will look like you are responding directly to the interviewer.

With virtual connectivity comes time delay – remember to pause after you’ve spoken. This will indicate that you are finished and it is the interviewer’s turn to speak. It’s very easy to end up talking over each other and, especially on voice activated tools such as Zoom, this can create real confusion as to who is meant to be speaking.

Finally, if you feel uncomfortable with the thought of a video interview, make sure you get practice. Your recruiter will be very happy to support you and practice makes perfect.


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