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Over the last 17 years we have delivered recruitment solutions of every type, from retained, international C-Suite headhunts, to supporting investors build start up businesses, we even led the delivery for part of the London Olympics.
Covering global powerhouses to small niche consultancies and NGOs we have expansive sector experience, allowing us to not only advise you of the best hiring solutions but also successfully deliver them.

Each hiring process offers a unique challenge and so we offer three defined hiring solutions, Retained, Exclusive and Contingent, across permanent, fixed term and interim / contract.

These can incorporate a single hire, multiple hires or even building a whole division.

Your best chance of a successful hire by their nature is always a retained or exclusive solution, however these options are scenario dependent and not always a possibility; which is why we also offer a full contingent service.

We are pure ESG and Sustainability specialists, meaning we have invested into building up access to the markets very best talent in this space, we understand where to locate them and what good really looks like. We are therefore able to offer you detailed market advice and the best method of hiring them, we will also let you know if your request is unrealistic or outside of our focus.

Clients have access to our complete selection of services, however the full benefit of them will depend upon on the hiring solution chosen.

Verdant Service Offering:

Full Recruitment Lifecycle Management / Head Hunting / Advertising / Job Specification Support / Interview Coaching / Interview Preparation Support / Market Mapping / Employer Brand Engagement Advice / Full Candidate Screening / Database Access / Bespoke Recruitment Solutions / Multi Hire - Team Building Service / Candidate Presentation / Onboarding Support and Feedback


Hiring Solutions


Each search we undertake is done so with the highest levels of discretion and professionalism, we appreciate the sensitivity and importance of getting impactful hires right. Our process will be a bespoke one, shaped to your unique requirements and timelines, agreeing timelines and providing consistent communication throughout the entire process from market mapping till long after the onboarding process.

We have fulfilled briefs globally, across the private, public and the third sector.

We are able to offer flexible pricing models and access to our unique candidate network.


This solution does not inhibit you from making a hire directly, it means we are the sole recruiter assisting the hiring of the candidate(s). Allowing us to provide a complete service, ensuring as the client you able to benefit from the deeper candidate matching, bespoke service and a more controlled process. This is because it gives us the time and resource to better control the recruitment process which delivers both you and the candidates a superior experience with your brand, plus a better first time success rate.


We will work closely with you to define and comprehend your requirements, the deeper this initial process is the better our understanding and therefore the candidate match. It also enables us to present your business in the best light to the market, ensuring candidates are engaging and more likely to see out the process. We will always look to work toward an exclusive or retained relationship with all our clients, but appreciate that not all businesses are able to work to that solution and it can take time to but up that relationship.

​Whenever we take on a new brief we are committed to delivering the best service achievable and understand that success is reliant on good communication practices. Our aim is to building long lasting and fruitful relationships with all our clients whether you are hiring every month or decade.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance in anyway, we are always happy to help?

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