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Posted on 16 April 2024

​Exploring Careers in Sustainability - Sustainability Solved Podcast

Serrol was delighted to join hosts of the Sustainability Solved Podcast, Will Richardson (FIEMA) and Charlie Luxton, recently to discuss the current state of the sustainability recruitment market place.

Together we looked to unravel the ever-changing landscape of the industry, offering insights, advice and strategies for anyone looking for a career shift toward sustainability; plus offer an understanding of the challenges for businesses looking to hire sustainability and ESG staff.

Whether you’re looking to hire, a seasoned sustainability professional or just starting out, this episode is packed with gems to help you on your journey.

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Market Dynamics and Industry Disruption:

- Serrol reflects on the rapid growth of sustainability careers up to 2022, noting a slowdown due to global economic factors.

- The discussion covers shifts in salary structures, challenges in accommodating rising costs, and talent shortages at mid-level positions.

- Despite uncertainties, Serrol predicts continued growth driven by regulatory changes and corporate sustainability initiatives.

Confusion and Evolution in Job Descriptions:

- The podcast addresses confusion in job descriptions amidst the fast-paced evolution of sustainability roles.

- Serrol discusses challenges in finding the right talent, inconsistent salaries, and the need for clear job definitions to streamline recruitment processes.

Demand for Purpose-Led Companies:

- Both hosts emphasise candidates’ desire to work for purpose-driven companies.

- Serrol underscores the importance of aligning company values with employee aspirations for enhanced retention and growth.

Evolution of Recruitment Profiles:

- Serrol predicts that, like digital transformation, specialised sustainability roles will be integrated into traditional business operations.

- The discussion highlights the role of sustainability leadership and reporting structures in driving meaningful organisational change.

AI and Future Job Trends:

- Serrol offers insights into AI’s potential impact on green jobs, predicting shifts in productivity and new roles in design, research, and policy.

- Serrol stresses the significance of soft skills and emerging opportunities within the sustainability domain.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals:

- Serrol advises aspiring professionals to assess their skill sets and explore opportunities in education, voluntary sectors, and current companies.

- The discussion emphasises starting with broad sustainability concepts before specialisation and the value of diverse skill sets, including communication and adaptability.

A massive thanks to Will, Charlie and the team for having Verdant Search on the podcast, there are lots of great episodes on their site so well worth a regular visit

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