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​ESG & Sustainability Audit is important for the public, the company and investors alike. They are necessary because more consumers are looking for products and services from companies that have strong environmental, social and governance practices. For investors they provide insight into the company's approach to these issues and how they manage risk, aiding funding and pricing decision making. For the company a regular ESG audit enables them to prepare of the future and any emerging risks that could arise. They can also offer insight into their supply chain risks and transparency with shareholders; which in turn aids with employee and investor attraction.

Audit roles will regularly be merged with an Assurance or Risk one, plus the skillset is often found in other roles, e.g. Reporting, Consultant, Management and Project.

We hire at all levels within the ESG, Sustainability and Environmental Audit space, covering both permanent and contract recruitment, some example roles include:

Senior Auditor - ESG / Sustainability Audit Specialist / ESG Lead Auditor / ESG Controls & Assurance / Sustainability Consultant - Net Zero & Energy Audits / CSR Auditor / ESG Auditor

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