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​ESG & Sustainability Regulations have arrived and are only going to multiply, they will be a driving force for change in all organisations and so ensuring you are up to speed with their requirements is crucial for businesses adapting to the new landscape. Depending on your location and sector they vary significantly, some examples include stress testing for banks, the benchmarks regulation and the non-financial reporting directive. With new legislation required to drive change, this is an area that will see significant evolution and growing importance in coming years.

Regulations skills are often required in other roles for example Reporting, Risk, Consultancy and Audit.

We hire at all levels within the ESG, Sustainability and Climate Regulatory space, covering both permanent and contract recruitment, some example roles include:

Director Regulatory Reporting - ESG / Sustainability Regulatory Specialist / ESG & Climate Regulations Analyst / Lead ESG Regulations Manager / Sustainability & Carbon Regulatory Specialist / Environmental Regulatory Analyst / Climate Change Regulatory Analyst / Senior ESG Regulatory Analyst