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Senior Leadership

With governments and companies worldwide pledging to achieve net-zero emissions and build a sustainable future, there is a huge task ahead and strong leadership is essential; especially as we are seeing companies cross over from compliance to measuring positive impact. The C-Suite has seen the arrival of the Chief Sustainability Officer and we expect many more new job titles to appear as the market has to continually adapt.

Additionally, the changes will increasingly demand a wider array of skills as sustainability becomes more entwined with other departments like marketing (brand proposition), communications, human resources, supply chain and a myriad of other potential areas dependent on the industry sector. The result is that future leaders will require more than just the functional attributes you might have seen on previous job descriptions, with change and transformation leadership expected to be crucial.

​We specialise in senior management and board level hires across the ESG, Sustainability and the CSR space, covering both permanent and interim recruitment, some example roles include:

CSO / CSMO / Global Sustainability Director / ESG Director / Head of CSR / Partner/ Head of Sustainability / Head of ESG & Sustainability Practice / European Sustainability Director / Chief Impact Officer / CEO / COO / Head of ESG / Communications Director / Head of Policy / ESG Transformation Director

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