Green forest photographed from above


ESG & Sustainability is changing project management as it requires looking at projects in a different way. Projects can no longer be viewed as one off pieces of work, unrelated to organisational strategy and governance or to the community at large. Putting project management in the correct strategic context helps project managers and teams make the right decisions for their projects, for their company, and for the wider society.

Project managers have always had to be fiscally sustainable - time and budget - however when incorporating the management of social and environmental sustainability, it is more than resource management and considering the impact on the environment. It requires the evaluation of risks related to labour practices, human rights, fair business dealings and consumer issues.

We hire at all levels within the ESG, Sustainability and Climate Projects space, covering both permanent and contract recruitment, some example roles include:

ESG Programme Director / Sustainability Project Director / Project Director - Net Zero / ESG & Decarbonisation Transformation Manager / ESG Change Manager / Sustainability & Carbon Programme Manager / ESG Business Analyst / CSR Project Manager / Environmental Project Manager/ Climate Change Manager / ESG Project Manager

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